the work

A unique body of work, yet there is nothing new to teach. The essence the seeker wishes to know is an original face, the Buddha nature unnamed in the Tao.
Can One mind reconcile the world? Seeing with one eye, abandon concepts, forget thinking, experience joy and just be harmonious. Ever present, the Truth cannot be known as an object. No matter how distinguished and subtle our practice.

programme highlights

Buddha, Shaman, Tao

Meditation Retreat, 14 January – 3 February 2012: an opportunity to develop mindfulness, concentration and insight in a place that offers supported access to space and clarity, in the company of others on the path. Options for attending the whole retreat, the first week only, or at weekends.

the clear mind spaceA series of remarkable workshops, correspondence courses and encounters, supported and testified to by existing practitioners, students and teachers. You are invited to embrace the shaman, glimpse the Buddha nature, surrender to the Tao and find happiness in daily life, in ordinary circumstances.

If we realize or glimpse the Truth today, or in a thousand years, it will not add to it or tarnish it. Such understanding – that there is nothing to attain – allows us to relax and work gently but purposively towards our liberation. Unconditioned contentment, without expectation, without disappointment.

Tourné is a very special place, a place where the sound of the trees and the river can be heard, the voices within can go quiet and reflection comes naturally.

— K.H. a workshop participant